Sixth Form

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Barclay Sixth Form offers a wide choice of academic and enrichment opportunities. Appropriate programmes are designed for each student following consultation with senior staff. Most Year 12 students follow a course of 4 A levels; AS levels; Btec or a combination of all three. In addition all students must complement their academic studies with a well-rounded programme of enrichment activities.

Most students will take these courses into Year 13 to gain their qualification. Ambitious targets are set for each student and high levels of achievement are expected. Barclay expects a high degree of commitment from its Sixth Form students. In exchange, the students should feel an entitlement to high standards from the school. This forms the basis of the Sixth Form Learning and Teaching Contract.

We expect our Sixth Form students to recognise their responsibilities as examples to others in the rest of the school and the wider community. We look to them to set high standards and to involve themselves actively with younger students. This involvement can be in a number of ways: assisting the staff at school functions or within lessons, acting as buddies or mentors for Year 7 students, running after school clubs, or offering time and assistance in neighbouring primary schools. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the school for further information. Any parents who wish to share any worries or concerns you may have about your son or daughter's work and progress at any time should contact Mr Kevin Norwood, Director of Key Stage 5, in the first instance. He will arrange for you to speak to the appropriate member(s) of staff.