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    • Finally on the ferry

      Posted: 29/10/14

      Relieved to say they are on the ferry

    • Later arrival has been advised

      Posted: 29/10/14

      Despite all driver efforts ferry will be missed

    • Making steady progress

      Posted: 29/10/14

      Still on track at present

    • Update on ETA

      Posted: 29/10/14
      Apologies but it is now midnight at school
    • Passing through Germany

      Posted: 29/10/14
      ETA this evening - 11pm at school
    • Travelling by coach

      Posted: 28/10/14

      Flights cancelled but travelling by coach

    • Poland flight cancelled

      Posted: 28/10/14

      Students and staff all well but delayed

    • Robotics First at MBDA

      Posted: 27/10/14

      Brilliant performance by the Robotics Team at MBDA contest