Headteacher Welcome

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Welcome to The Barclay School. Everyone who studies and works here believes it to be a very special place.  Please take a little time to watch our short video above and find out a little more about the school.

We are an inclusive school where we value young people of all abilities and talents.  We have a distinct vision - to maximise the academic achievement of each one of our students and to provide them with the emotional and social skills to lead happy and successful lives.  We aim to bring out the very best in all of our students through the consistent promotion of high quality learning.  We are an exciting and vibrant school that encourages each student to believe that they can hold ambitious academic targets and exceed expectations. 

The Barclay School is underpinned by our 5 core values.

Believe! Achieve! Exceed!

We believe in our potential to exceed all expectations and to have a unique impact on the world
We are proud to be members of The Barclay School and believe that education empowers us to shape our futures
We value learning and welcome new opportunities and experiences
We work our hardest and take pride in what we achieve and celebrate the achievement of others.
We strive to make the relationships between all members of our school community warm, positive and encouraging.

Through these values we aim to create a safe and caring environment where tolerance, respect, high aspirations and individual responsibilities are emphasised.   We believe in Positive Change and encourage our students to take active steps to make a positive contribution to the school and the community beyond.  We want our students to be thoroughly prepared for the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

 Our strong pastoral support system enables us to develop effective home-school relationships that support our students as they progress through the school.  Have a look around our website or contact the school to arrange a visit if you would like to learn more about our school.

Best wishes,

Debbie Upton, Headteacher

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