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The university destinations of previous 6th Form students can be viewed here.

Barclay Alumni

Below is some of our previous students who attended Barclay, and their destinations. You can find out more about them in the Alumni Page. To appear below, fill in our "Sign Up" sheet.

Name Years Present Destination
Liam Twomey 2006-2013 London School of Economics
Ryan Twomey 2006-2013 Queen Mary, University of London
Rhys Williams 2006-2013 University of Cambridge
Ethan Everington 2005-2012 University of Portsmouth
Rosie Williams 2005-2012 UCA Epsom
Jenessa Williams 2004-2011 Huddersfield
Gregory Coker 2004-2011 University of Sheffield
Louis Tsamados 2003-2010 Leeds Trinity University
Dan Burns 2003-2010 Mountview Academy
Sanjay Garg 2003-2010 University of Durham
Cara Lanning 2002-2009 University of Hertfordshire
Philip Bishop 2002-2009 Queen Mary
Nicole Shadbolt 2002-2009 Plymouth University
Maxine Nash 2000-2007 University of Lincoln
Terri Dendy 2000-2007 Goldsmiths
Nicola Hawes 1999-2006 Entrepreneur
Dean Cook 1999-2006 University of Essex
Nicolette Hyatt 1999-2006 Nurse at Lister
Hayley Tattam 1999-2006 Childcare
Natalie McCarthy 1999-2006 Brand Project Manager at Tesco
Dr Tim Forshew 1992-1998 University of Birmingham
Andy Bellis 1985-1990 Apprenticeship at John Lewis
Martin Lines 1954-1959 Electrician Apprenticeship


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