The Barclay School believes in Positive Change and would like the school and its students to become more closely involved with the community.  Please contact us if you have ideas and suggestions that can make this happen -


The university destinations of previous 6th Form students can be viewed here.

Barclay Alumni

Below is a list of previous students who attended Barclay, and their destinations. You can find out more about them in the Alumni Page.

Name Years Present Destination
Rosie Williams 2005-2012 UCA Epsom
Jenessa Williams 2004-2011 Huddersfield
Gregory Coker 2004-2011 University of Sheffield
Dan Burns 2003-2010 Mountview Academy
Sanjay Garg 2003-2010 University of Durham
Cara Lanning 2002-2009 University of Hertfordshire
Philip Bishop 2002-2009 Queen Mary
Nicole Shadbolt 2002-2009 Plymouth University
Maxine Nash 2000-2007 University of Lincoln
Terri Dendy 2000-2007 Goldsmiths
Dean Cook 1999-2006 University of Essex
Dr Tim Forshew 1992-1998 University of Birmingham
Andy Bellis 1985-1990 Apprenticeship at John Lewis
Future First

An Alumni Network for Every School

The school has signed up for a new Alumni Network project, ‘Future First’ which will help us keep in touch with all our former students with the use of Email, Facebook, Twitter etc., find out about their progress and let them know what is happening at The Barclay School.

Future First builds networks of former students who return to their old schools and colleges to widen current pupils’ horizons, encourage their aspirations and educate them about their future options. These interventions range from interactive school events where former students advise current students, to online educational platforms. It will also collaborate with leading employers to offer young people access to the inspiration, opportunities and guidance that may otherwise be closed to them.

Future First research reveals that there are 10.4m British adults in the UK willing to go back into their old schools to give careers advice. 91% of 16-19 year olds want former students to be involved in their careers education.  Every school should be able to find the necessary minimum of 10 - 20 role models whose stories can inspire the lives of many thousands of school students.

Whilst The Barclay School has always tracked its students progress to University, Further Education or into Work via a Connexions survey, there has never been a better opportunity to keep in touch with them in the same way and for those leavers to enrich future pupils lives with their gained knowledge and expertise in the future.

Please find the link to the home page of ‘Future First’ for you to be able to see for yourselves the benefits this could bring in the future


The school has just signed up for a new Alumni Network project called ‘Future First’.  You can read all about it on their website

Future First works to increase social mobility by building alumni communities around state schools to inspire and inform young people about their futures.

We really want to know how you are getting on and whether you would be able to help Barclay students of the future by telling them about your career choices.  We will also tell you what is happening at school in quarterly newsletters. 

It’s easy to sign up; just a couple of boxes for your contact details and a Privacy Policy to read and tick it should take no more than 2 minutes at the most.  Please go to: -

Please sign up now if you are leaving us….


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